The Book-List 14′

There are new year resolutions (the ones which never work out) and then there are new year book-lists (you know, those things you scribble out when it dawns on you that you haven’t touched a book in over 3 months). Call it the aftermath of a reality check courtesy the new year, a deep-down need to have a discussion that revolves around fiction (or any other genre) or simply a desperate attempt to update the blog. Here goes my list…

(Disclaimer: This isn’t one of those ‘what to look forward to in 2014, literally’ .)

1) Every Patient Tells a Story: Medical Mysteries and the Art of Diagnosis by Lisa Sanders

First, about the author. She worked as a journalist for 10 years( winning an Emmy for ‘Outstanding Coverage’)…and then decided to pursue Medicine(graduating from Yale when she was 41 !). She wrote a column for The New York Times which inspired, hold your breath, the popular sitcom House M.D (she was an adviser for the show)  . Do you still want to know why I want to read this one ?

2) The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran

Everyone has heard of Gibran. You’ve surely read one of his quotable quotes somewhere. What bugs me is that inspite of quoting the guy several times, I’ve never really read his work. I’m a little worried that my rather short attention span and impatient temperament will hold me back, but I’m going to give it a shot.

3) The Room on the Roof by Ruskin Bond

Did I mention that while on a family vacation to Mussorie I met Mr. Bond. And that I was so tongue-tied that I couldn’t say a word. And that I think of him as a Santa Claus of sorts,gifting me new stories to read and not just at Christmas. From ‘The Cherry Tree’ ( which we studied at some point in school) to his Omnibuses, when I read his stories, I get convinced that I must pack my bags and live in a seemingly nondescript town, somewhere where I could feel the Himalayan winds. Till that happens, I’ll have to make do with this book.

4) Little Women by Louisa Mary Alcott

I’m almost embarrassed to put this one on the list, to admit I haven’t read it yet. Recommended to me a few months ago by a friend, hopefully, this one will make it to the ‘has-been-read’ list soon.

5) ‘Surely you’re joking, Mr. Feynman !’: Adventures of a Curious Character by Richard            Feynman

When one of the brightest minds of the last century writes, not about his Nobel Prize or theoretical physics( you know, that thing Sheldon Cooper does) but on cracking safes and bongo drums (and the Manhattan Project), I know I have to read it. Period.

6) Blink by Malcolm Gladwell

Because there’s too much talk about the man and his books. Because its to do with intuition and those snap decisions we often thank ourselves for. Because I found it in a section titled ‘Psychology’. Because I started reading it last October…and then work took over.

What do you plan to read this year ? Or what did you read last year that you think I must read ?


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